Adlai and Daddy Home Alone

Anna headed off to Iowa to be with her dad after his recent back surgery. So tonight, It was Adlai, me, and my terrible cold – luckily Dan stopped by to keep us company too!

Today’s daddying included cashews and corn chips for a snack, watching YouTube and Thomas the Train, some lego construction, and then we had a frozen lasagna for dinner. At first, Adlai didn’t much like the lasagna, but after he had a bowl of ice cream and strawberries, he then wanted to go back to the lasagna course.

Dan took off around bath-time. As usual, we had to fetch Adlai’s stool so he could wash his hands and brush his teeth before the bath. Since Anna has been taking him to swimming class, he does all sorts of interesting stuff in the bath, like blowing bubbles, dipping his head in the water, chucking water at me, and jumping up and down with great cries of triumph.

For bed, we read a manual on how to construct a lego train 5-6 times – he wanted to keep reading it over and over, and I had to make up stuff to say about the diagrams. Then we did 10 Apples on Top, Up Up, another run through the lego manual, and closed with Andy and Sam. I told Adlai to turn the lamp off so we could see the turtle stars together, and then we lay down for a few minutes, and then I left.

Adlai loves this star turtle lamp.

Adlai loves this star turtle lamp.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to take him to swim lessons, but I feel too sick, so I’ll probably go let him run around kindergym while I play with my phone. Then, I’ll take him to ChildWatch for a couple of hours, then Farmer’s Market, then home for lunch and nap.