Coding for Managers – Learn to Code

I started working on a free and open source book recently, called Coding for Managers. I aimed the book at people who have no previous coding experience but wanted to do practical things with code. You might be a manager, entrepreneur, or other knowledge worker.

I don’t expect this curriculum to turn someone into a professional programmer, because I’m not even sure I am one myself. I just expect this to empower people to both write a bit of useful code, and understand code/programming when it intersects their business or interests.

Where a typical programming book shows you all the facets of a programming language, I try and stitch together several languages and tools into the curriculum to get you to the first level of hackerdom. I lean on popular online tools for coding (like, and try and get you publishing some code to right away.

Do you want to code something, better schedule coding, or manage coders? Read Coding for Managers. This is a work-in-progress, and I appreciate any feedback – open an issue on the Github repo to comment, or even create a pull request since the book is open source.