Soy Honey Chicken Thighs

This recipe has a high flavor-for-effort ratio.

I’ve cooked it several times for my family, and soy honey chicken thighs please both my wife and kids.

Soy Honey Chicken Ingredients and Supplies

Tool-wise, you will need:

  • a shallow bowl or dish to mix ingredients (microwavable)
  • a frying pan with a lid
  • a pair of tongs


  • Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Olive Oil

Main ingredients:

  • 4-12 chicken thighs
  • honey
  • soy sauce

Preparation Method 

  • Squeeze out some honey into the mixing bowl.
  • Microwave it for thirty seconds to make the honey runny.
  • Put the chicken in the bowl and mix with honey.
  • Pour in some soy sauce, sprinkle some garlic power, and mix.
  • Put the bowl in the fridge for 10-20 minutes while you do whatever else for dinner.

Cooking Method

  • Put a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, and crank it up to high heat.
  • Grab the bowl of chicken out of the fridge, and sprinkle pepper across the top surface.
  • When oil barely starts to smoke, add chicken.
  • Cook until brown with black hints, and then flip (i.e. caramelize both sides). This should take 2 minutes per side with a strong flame.
  • Pour some of the remaining marinade on top of the chicken ( 1/4 cup or less). 
  • Cover, reduce heat to medium-low (2-3), and wait 5 minutes.


  • Start your rice cooker before you do any of this.
  • Steam a a vegetable when the rice has 10 minutes to go. That gives you a few minutes to prep the vegetable for steaming, and 7-8 minutes for steaming.
  • You can prepare this meal for your family, and still chit chat, hang out, and basically be lazy.